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Whether it is a swept tee or complicated manifold, we have the in-house facilities available to manufacture to our clients requirements.

All welding is undertaken by BS EN 287-1 Coded Welders, with all welds purged as standard, as are pulled tees connections.

What we offer

We are one of only a few companies who offer weldless taft forming on the ends of pipework and pulled equal tees up to 350 mm dia. Our standard "Q" pipework system is supplied with pulled tees and tafted ends, complete with rotary backing flanges. However, we also offer stainless steel pipework with fully welded flanges.

We are unique in offering a full range of fabrication facilities including tanks, pressure vessels, access platforms, cones, manifolds, fittings, reducers, handrailing and architectural supply.

  • ABC Stainless Ltd "Q" pipework, is "Approved for use in public WATER SUPPLIES", Regulation 31-33.
  • Pipework will be supplied free of all burrs, sharp edges and discolouration in the heat-affected zone removed.
  • Economical usage of materials using CAD
  • Machine design gives it a large sheet capacity and better sheet yields
  • No heat affected zone or heat distortion
  • Compatible with clients own CAD drawings or artwork in any digital file format
  • Bolt sets and gaskets supplied upon request.
Work with us
  • We welcome the opportunity to tender against client drawings, offering our services, together with pipe spools manufactured with the minimum of welds.
  • Our reputation as stainless steel fabricators goes back to before 1981, when the company became Limited, being reflected in our client portfolio, practical application and in-house facilities, some of which are unique. Utilizing quality assurance standards gained from cosmetic, water treatment, pharmaceutical, offshore oil & gas, chemical, brewery, food & drink processing and allied industries.
  • We stock many types of pipework, and are well experienced in fabricating for a large range of industries including dairy, metric true bore, nominal bore, ISO, hygienic and ornamental, therefore we should have no problems in being able to fulfil your requirements. Any enquires are welcome.
  • Electronic drawings can be accommodated in all file formats.
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