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Computer Aided Design

Craftsmen in Stainless Steel

The UK's Leading Specialists in Stainless Steel
We offer services for all our clients' project work including concept designs, structural design, manufacturing drawings and 3D modeling.

Using AutoCad and SolidWorks drawing/modeling software, together with programs developed by ourselves to increase speed and accuracy, client project design and drawing/detailing times can be greatly reduced.

Design Efficiency

We use a customized version of Sigmanest software which allows us to perform complicated nesting programmes to maintain the efficient working of our laser and Waterjet cutting machines, which are all computer controlled, along with the use of our own developed programs this allows us to optimise material usage and cutting area, which means we can deliver our clients highly competitive prices reducing material wastage.

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Other software we use

We also use other programs including Sigmatek, Develop software used for unfolding complicated 3D structures into 2D flat patterns, which can then be cut on our laser and waterjet machines and fabricated.

Electronic drawings can be accommodated in all file formats.

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